Jonathan Livne, D.D.S.We have been with our dentist, Dr. Livne, for some time. We are very happy with him. Ever since we started seeing him, he has done a very good job. - Danny & Lali P.

Dr. Livne has been a great dentist. He became my dentist three years ago. Dental work is never my favorite thing to do, but once I actually fell asleep during a root canal! Maybe it was the sun coming in through the window, or maybe it was the fact that I trust him not to inflict major pain at any moment. We have spent a lot of time together in the last few years. My teeth never seem to go long without some kind of problem. Recently, I had severe pain in one of my teeth on a Friday. I called Dr. Livne and within one half hour he had returned my call and then called in a pain medication and antibiotic prescription to the pharmacy. Try to get your family doctor to do that! He would have gladly seen me on his day off if need be. The office is modern, the staff are courteous and nice. I would recommend him to anyone. - Eric M.

Jonathan Livne, D.D.S.From the first time I walked into Dr. Livne's office, his staff has been amazing. In an era where there are so many offices who push patients in and out, it was nice to be treated with patience and care. I went in for a simple check up and have since had many procedures. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with perfect teeth. For most of my life, I have avoided smiling in pictures and laughing with friends. Thanks to Dr. Livne, I can now smile with pride! In a very short time, Dr. Livne helped me fix my smile. Dr. Livne has given me the confidence to smile and relax with friends and family. The combination of his knowledge, friendly staff and state of the art technology has made this experience very pleasant. I tell everyone about how great this whole process has been. I look forward to being under his care for many more years. - Marisol H.